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Shure SM-93

Proizvođač: Shure
Kod proizvoda: 6000000041
1,325.00 kn

Shure SM-93

Polar Pattern
Omnidirectional, uniform with frequency
Output Impedance
Rated at 150 ohms (90 ohms actual)
Recommended minimum load impedance: 800 ohms
(May be used with loads as low as 150 with reduced clipping level)
Output Level
Open Circuit Voltage: -43 dBV/Pa (7.0 mV)
(1 Pascal = 94 dB SPL)
Output Clipping Level (at 1,000 Hz)
-18 dBV (0.13 V) minimum
Total Harmonic Distortion
Less than 1% at 120 dB
Maximum SPL
120 dB
Dynamic Range (maximum SPL to A-weighted noise level)
98 dB
Output Noise (equivalent SPL)
22 dB typical, A-weighted 26 dB, weighted per DIN 45 405


Hum Pickup (electromagnetic)
-4 dB equivalent SPL in a 1 mOe field (60 Hz)
Signal-to-Noise Ratio
72 dB at 94 dB SPL (IEC 651)
Positive pressure on microphone diaphragm produces positive voltage on pin 2 relative to pin 3 of preamplifier output cable connector
Recommended Operating Voltage
11 to 52 Vdc phantom. Protected against reverse voltage application
Current Drain
0.33 mA
Environmental Conditions
Operating Temperatures: -18 to 57 degrees C (0 to 135 degrees F)
Storage Temperatures: -29 to 74 degrees C (-20 to 165 degrees F)
Black 1.27 m (4.17 ft), attached, two-conductor, shielded, terminated by miniature connector type (TA4F)
Microphone: Black ABS thermoplastic case with stainless-steel-mesh grille
Preamplifier: Steel case with non-reflective black finish, black-chrome belt clip
Net Weight
Microphone: 16 g (0.57 oz)
Preamplifier: 118 g (4.17 oz)

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