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Shure Stereo Microphone Mixer SCM262

Kod proizvoda: 6000000160
2,960.00 kn

Shure Stereo Microphone Mixer SCM262

Many smaller installations require an easy-to-use mixer with very specific features and capabilities. You need to integrate your microphones and stereo equipment without paying for features you'll never use. And of course, you'll need dependability. The SCM262 provides features tailor-made for your smaller application -- such as defeatable "ducking," "jukebox mute," and "12V Phantom." 
The SCM262 has been designed with simplicity in mind, allowing you to focus on your job, not your audio system. Providing the right combination of features, benefits and ease-of-use, the SCM262 is perfect for the following applications:
The SCM262 is the latest addition to our growing Installed Sound category and provides all the performance, durability, and value synonymous with the Shure name.
- Defeatable "ducking"
- "Jukebox mute"
- One active balanced XLR mic input channel
- One active balanced XLR mic and 1/4 inch TRS line input channel
- Three stereo input channels (Six phono connectors)
- One unbalanced stereo output (Two phono connectors)
- One balanced stereo mic/line output (Two 1/4 inch TRS connectors)
- 12V phantom power for condenser microphones
- All in a half-rack chassis

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