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Marshall TSL602

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Marshall TSL602

The TSL602 is a 2x12" combo amp with 60 watts of glorious power. The custom-voiced speaker was designed by the Marshall R&D department in conjunction with the much respected Celestion Loudspeaker company. This 12" speaker was specifically developed with the TSL601 and TSL602 combos in mind. You'll be delighted with the sheer tonality, attitude and power - it has earned the title the 'Wolverine'. Why? Because, like the animal after which it is named, this beast of a speaker delivers a mighty, tone-filled bite that belies its diminutive size!


- 2x12" combo amp
- Three incredible sounds in one very loud package.
- Crunch: perfect for rhythm or bluesy solos.
- Lead: just what is sounds like, the Marshall way.
- Clean: a Fender-ish sort of standard sound.

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