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Marshall DSL401

Kod proizvoda: 4000000083
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Marshall DSL401

The most significant difference from the rest of the DSL range, is the DSL401 has three footswitchable sounds - Clean, OD1 & OD2! The difference between OD1 and OD2 is a massive 20dB boost, which is instantly accessible with a mere tap of your foot on the supplied 2-way (Clean/OD, OD1/OD2) LED footswitch. Like its bigger brothers, the Clean channel of the DSL401 produces a wide array of crystal clear yet complex, clean sounds. It also gets big 'n' bluesy when the channel's Gain control is cranked up.
The Marshall 1959 Super Lead Plexi head and the JCM800 Master Volume 2203 are recognized the world over as benchmarks in tone, feel, musical power and sheer size of sound. The Dual Super Lead (DSL) amps feature two footswitchable channels each with two modes that bring the tone and feel of both of these classic amps plus more!
- The perfect Marshall for vintage sound and mobility.
- Classic gain clean channel.
- Marshall lead 1 similar to the JCM800.
- Marshall lead 2 adds more gain and compression.

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