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Proizvođač: Gretsch Drums
Kod proizvoda: 3000003551
5,308.00 kn


Style meets simplicity with the new Gretsch G Series. Featuring an iconic chrome badge, Gretsch quick-sized toms and Gretsch easy-to-position double tom holder, the new feature-packed drum kits are perfect for the first time buyer. Model GS2 comes complete with a Gibraltar 4600 hardware pack, Sabian SBR cymbal 3-pack and Gretsch 5A drumsticks.

Shell: 7-Ply Poplar Bearing Edge: 30 Degree Hardware: Chrome Hoops: 1.6mm Triple Flanged Heads: Single-Ply Clear Tom Brackets: Gretsch 9020 Lugs: Gretsch Mini Lugs Tom Holder: GBTH-DL Bass Drum Hoops: Matching Wood Hoops GS2-E8256K - 10" x 7", 12" x 8", 16" x 16", snare 14" x 5.5", bass 22" x 18" Color: Dark Red

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